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Rugby in the mountains

This past weekend Ron, Amy and I went up to the Blue Mountains. Ron was playing for the Hunters Hill Second team against the Blue Mountains Rugby club and some friends, Tommy and Sandy were planning to staying for the night. Sandy found a nice little guest house in Katoomba and we drove up early on Saturday morning. We had enough time for a walk down to Wentworth Falls before we had to be at the ground.

On the drive up I had been scathing of the small hills we saw around us. “Call these mountains do you?” I commented a number of times until my sarcasm was stilled as we stood at the edge of an impressive cliff and the mountains stretched away in front of us, blue in the haze of the sunlight.

We weren’t the only tourists on the trail. At one point Ron stepped aside and let a coach load of asian tourists pass us on the very steep and treacherous steps down. I was glad that I wasn’t the one wearing Amy at this point!

It really was a perfect day for the view, cool but not chilly, clear but not so as to obscure the famous blueness of the mountains. We arrived at the rugby ground feeling very pleased with ourselves!

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