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A glorious morning at the beach

Friday was yet another gorgeous day in Sydney. Amy had been sleeping better since the “great tooth possibility” that was Sun, Mon and Tue and I woke up feeling motivated to go somewhere. My old school friend Caro lives at Bondi with her husband and daughter and we had made tentative plans to meet up and go to the beach.

As is usually inevitable with small children, something had gone awry! Tallulah had lost her beloved teddy and no one had got much sleep in their household the night before, but we decided a visit and a swim might be a welcome distraction. Amy and I set off just before her morning nap which happens to be bang in the middle of rush hour! But this is where I laugh manically because rush hour actually is just that here in Sydney, its an hour! And even in peak traffic and driving STRAIGHT through the city, I still made it to Bondi in less than an hour with Amy sleeping peacefully the whole way leaving me time to listen to the radio. Bliss.

What was even more blissful was Bondi on a lovely Friday morning. I met Caro, Adam and Tallulah at a cafe nearby where they were finishing breakfast. I sucked down a coffee whilst Amy polished off most of Tallulah’s toast and then we set off to the beach.

Amy loved the sand and seemed quite happy to sit and EAT handfuls whilst Caro watched over her and I had the best swim ever. The water was cool but not cold, very clear, I could even see little fishes swimming past me! Amy mostly sat in one place and literally shovelled sand into her mouth! Great big handfuls!

And then I watched over Tallulah and Amy whilst Caro and Adam went into the water. Then things fell apart slightly, I had to rush back and put more money in the parking meter so Caro pushed Amy back in her pram, screaming whilst Adam tried to wrestle Tallulah onto her tricycle so he could push her. Finally we made it back to the flat so I could feed Amy and then she slept all the way home again in the car! A perfect morning at the beach!
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