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A coffee and a walk

It seems that unusually hot Aprils are not only a London thing at the moment! Yesterday the temperature topped 28 degrees and my friend from mothers group, Sonia and I decided to enjoy the weather while we have it. We took her Lucas and my Amy in their prams and walked to Birkenhead point. It took us nearly an hour because we weren’t in any hurry. We stopped along the way to check out a fabulous toy shop where I bought Amy a little soft toy bus which winds up and runs along. Sonia bought some bubbles for the babies which came in handy when they got antsy when we stopped for lunch.

We decided to pop in on Amy’s aunty Gaye for lunch, she chefs in a lovely cafe on the water at Iron Cove Bridge. Its a very popular spot as its at the end/beginning of a fantastic walk called the Bay Walk, populated by runners, walkers, Mums and prams and lots of bikes. We had a very enjoyable lunch and managed to keep the babies from revolting by blowing bubbles. Thankfully both babies slept the whole way back!

It has been such a pleasure making friends with other mums here in Sydney. Sonia is lovely and her boy Lucas is the cutest in the mums group! He is born on the 4th July and very close to Amy in developmental stages however he is not such a great eater. Sonia and I are determined to get our men folk together as we think they would get along well, its just the next step along in really becoming friends!

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