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Amy’s first pair of shoes
Amy’s first pair of shoes.

Its getting colder here in Sydney and its been very wet for the last few days. Amy loves to stand now and pulls herself up wherever possible. I decided its time for Amy to have her first pair of shoes. Margaret Leak, Amy’s godmother and I went shopping on Thursday and chose this pair of shoes. They have soft soles but also rubber grips so they are pliable but also weatherproof. Amy is a size 4-5 here, I think thats a 19-20 in the UK but these shoes come in size 6-12 months. They are fitted now with elastic laces so they are quite snug but you can take these out and put normal laces in which will allow her to grow with the shoes so we should get some wear out of them. So far she loves them and hasn’t been at all concerned about wearing them. Even though they are very soft they do give her a bit more support and she is more stable when she stands up. At the moment we only wear them when we are going to be out somewhere where she can stand up although its cold enough for me to wear my boots so maybe she’ll be wearing them a lot more!

Amy is now stable enough to walk on her own with this walking toy that we borrowed from Rosie and its adorable seeing her rush off across the room with a huge smile!


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