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I am trying to make more time in my life for me right now and the first thing this involves is more writing. Amy is being very obliging by sleeping for upwards of an hour in the mornings and this has become my time to sit down with a cup of coffee and to write. Sometimes emails, sometimes random thoughts that come into my head. I am going to share more of these musings over the next few weeks but to start off I thought it might be fun to delve back in time! This time last year I was nearly seven months pregnant and below is an extract from my pregnancy journal “The Journey” written on this day last year accompanied by a photo of how I looked!

Wednesday 19th April
Saw a large number of kgs on the scale this morning. I think this means I have put on 10kgs but am completely in denial! 22 lbs, 1 ½ stone. I think this is alright, everyone comments on how well I am looking and how I don’t appear to have put on weight anywhere except out front in my bump. I know my thighs, hips and bum are bigger and of course the boobs are giant, but overall I still look the same. This is one of the advantages of starting this adventure being overweight, of course its still a regret and I quite often think about losing weight post baby despite vehemently disagreeing with people like Liz Fraser of The Yummy Mummy Survival Guide who dedicates a whole chapter to talking about weight loss and says things like “I recommend you try and stay relaxed about your post baby weight for at least a few weeks after the birth, its not healthy to rush off to the gym the day your baby is born!” I was horrified by her attitude actually, although I am well aware that the reality for many women is that they instantly go back on the diet when the baby is born, but I intend on breastfeeding and its fact that a woman needs a diet rich in carbohydrates, fats and protein with plenty of liquid post birth to sustain a healthy child. Of course I want to lose weight, I have always wanted to lose weight, but I would like to address this in a healthy and sensible way and I refuse to allow myself to feel anxious or stressed before our baby is born due to my weight. I still look healthy and am carrying a strong, healthy baby in my body, that’s my top priority! Things exploded at work today, I have been struggling with the handover of what I do and am labouring under the illusion that I can still make a dent on my objectives prior to the new starter arriving and my leaving date. However things came to a head today when we had an informal meeting in the coffee area, I was left feeling attacked and singled out and my pregnancy even came into it in terms of what hours I was working etc. The whole thing was completely out of order and mishandled so badly that I actually had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to try and take some deep breaths and get myself under control. I managed to turn the conversation into something positive rather than a discussion about how my pregnancy has impacted the rest of my team! I left a bit later than planned to get to the Osteopath for three but was so relieved to get out the office and not have to go back until next week. I am very tempted to go to my Doctor and explain how stressed I feel and how work is making me unhappy and getting signed off for the rest of my working dates! Marcia the osteopath was her usual self, slightly batty and a bit haphazard but whatever she has done has worked so I can’t be too sceptical! She manipulated my hips and rotated my legs again and spent some time pressing on various pressure points in my legs, nothing that hurt at all but a few did feel very uncomfortable and then I was done. £42 for the privilege but even walking back to the car I felt better. I went to Sainsburys on the way home and picked up some shopping and had dinner ready for Ron when he got back. Another quiet night, spent watching tv, Ron on the laptop and me getting on with my beading which I am loving.
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