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The Super Whites
Amy’s happy face

Amy’s new happy face is quite a sight to behold! Not only is it scarey for other babies (sorry Saskia!) but its quite alarming and easy to mistake for all kinds of other emotions!

But mainly it just cracks Ron and I up completely! At one point on our ferry ride we went inside to escape the merciless sun. Amy kicked it up a gear and proceeded to wave, grimace, laugh and generally entertain the entire cabin to the point where we had people clustered around us gesturing and smiling. She is a proper little crowd pleaser but as I commented to Ron, its cute now while she is little and still a baby, but as soon as she starts walking it will just be showing off!

Still, I love every one of her funny faces and we are very lucky to have a baby who spends such a lot of her time laughing with a smile big enough to swallow you up!
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