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The Super Whites
Family lunch

We left Surfers on Monday morning, stopped off at Rick and Tamara’s again to show Amy to Tamara and arrived at Ron’s Uncle Ron’s for lunch with the family. It was great to catch up with Ron’s Mum’s brother’s family and we met the twins who had been born since the last time we visited and caught up with Ron’s cousins Andrew and Susan and their families. Amy was a little unsure of Uncle Ron at first but was soon happily talking and waving! Amy ate mostly cheese sandwiches for our last two days of holiday. I had run out of fresh food and we were all getting tired of the jarred stuff (pooooeeeee!) and Amy seemed quite happy to eat sandwiches along with her old favourite rock melon and new favourite grapes. She sat up at the table like a grown up girl on a booster seat.

Amy was unsure what to make of the giant kangaroo that sang waltzing matilda. She did end up making friends with it but still got a fright each time it shouted “Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy, Oy Oy Oy” at the end!
Uncle Ron is a proud Australian and he lowers and raises his Aussie flag out the front of their house each morning and evening.
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