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The Super Whites
Friends from way back when

Ronita and I go way back, not only did we ‘discover’ the Springbok Nude Girls (a well known South African Band) but we did photojournalism together and shared a passion for live bands and music festivals. We have kept in touch by email since leaving Rhodes and we were both excited to work out that we were both going to be living in Australia with our husbands and babies! Saskia was born in October and she is a gorgeous little girl with a lovely personality and the cutest reportoire of vocal noises I have heard in a 5 month old!

Saskia wasn’t quite sure what to make of Amy who is going through a funny phase which involves opening her mouth extra wide and cackling when she is happy!

We went for a drive and a walk on the South Bank of the Brisbane River, it was raining when we left Ronita and Alan’s house but it had cleared up nicely when we drove over Storey Bridge.

We put the girls in their prams and had a lovely walk along the river and under a fantastic walkway covered in bouginvillea.

Back at the house we managed (eventually) to get our girls to sleep and opened a few really nice bottles of red and ate a delicious slow cooker curry. Later (after more bottles of wine!) we got out the Nin tendo W ii game station and played for ages. Its this amazing game system where you hold a remote in your hand and do the action for the game, ie move the control as though you are bowling, or in this photo, hold the controls and punch for boxing. We played tennis, golf, and had a few goes boxing and bowling before the girls ducked off to bed and left the guys playing tennis till late!

Of course babies aren’t very considerate of parents who have had too much red wine and not enough sleep so Amy was awake at the crack of dawn. While I sipped tea and vegged out I let her take apart Ronita and Alan’s newspaper!
Thanks Ronita, Alan and Saskia for being such lovely hosts and taking such good care of us!
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