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Supporting the swans

We had a busy weekend, on Saturday we went house hunting again. Very tiring and hot but good to see whats out there. Saturday night Ron and I left Amy with Grandma and Grandad and went to watch an Australian Football game with Gaye and James. We had tickets for the Sydney Swans against the West Coast Eagles at the Telstra Stadium which can hold 70,000. It was HUGE! I had absolutely no idea of the rules or how the game worked but I did know a couple of the players from the media. Barry Hall wears the number 1 guernsey (what? jersey? why?) for the Swannies and is all over the tv. The only eagles player I knew was Ben Cousins who was noticable for his absence, he is in LA going through Rehab! Apparently the rules are very different for AFL players and they have three strikes before they are out with regard to drug and alcohol offences.

The stadium was packed with red and white supporters and the game was fast paced and exciting. The Swannies were behind going into the fourth quarter and managed an amazing comeback only to lose by 1 point. All in all it was a brilliant night out and we have tickets for another two games later in the year! Go the Swannies!

Gaye and I wearing our supporters caps!
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