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The Super Whites
Autumn days

Yesterday Ron and I were awake watching the sun rise, again, with Amy. It looked to be a beautiful day, clear skies and lots of sunshine, but warm and not swelteringly hot like its been the last few weeks. It was our day for meeting up with Mothers group and after a hurried email around we agreed to meet in a nearby park instead of at the usual cafe. We had a good turn out and everyone brought blankets and snacks. We let the babies loose in the middle and they crawled and rolled and played and grabbed each others toys whilst we had a good catch up.

I have been really lucky being welcomed into this group. They have met up since their babies were a few weeks old and there are some good friendships within the group. I have gotten along well with everyone and made a few better friends. Its wonderful being able to call someone up and meet for a coffee or catch up for a walk around one of the bays in the area.
Yesterday was particularily fun. Amy was very sweet crawling around and playing and then she ate lunch and went into her pram for a good hours nap so I sprawled out on the blankets and chatted, enjoying the cool breeze, clear skies and the water.
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