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Goodbye summer

Daylight saving ended this past weekend and with it Summer seemed to disappear. Saturday was another scorcher and Ron, Amy and I got roasted as we drove around looking at houses on our never ending quest to work out what to do – Buy or Rent, Buy or Rent, Buy or live in a box forever. Then when we went to bed on Saturday night (Amy and I – Ron was out on a bucks night, see post to come with regard to naming things when you are an Australian!) we put our clocks back an hour and hey presto when we woke up on Sunday it was raining, grey, dark and cold enough to put a hat on Amy when we went to watch Amy’s boyfriend Adam’s dad Stephen play Soccer (not wanting to repeat myself, but see previous point about Australian’s insisting on calling things by a different name!)

I have to say that on some strange level I am actually looking forward to the change in seasons even though I am woefully ill prepared for the cold with most of our stuff still locked up in storage. Ron and I always wanted to have an endless summer when we moved to Oz and we have, its been summer for us since April last year and now Autumn is arriving quicker than we anticipated! At least Amy looks delicious in her cute hat!

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