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The Super Whites

Amy and I go out for coffee a lot. Its a great way to get out the house, meet up with other mums and babies and just pass the time pleasantly. There is a cafe up the road from us called The Pavillion which is inside a beautiful old pavillion overlooking a grass tennis court on the edge of a smart block of units (flats – post coming soon about funny things that only an Australian would know….) The mothers group that have adopted Amy and I meet at this cafe fairly regularily despite the fact that the owners are not very friendly or helpful to a group of 5plus mums and prams even though they are never busy and the space is huge, more than big enough for us and all our prams and the other two or three tables they have during their lunch ‘rush’.

Sometimes I walk up there on a quiet day when Amy and I haven’t got any other plans. I can enjoy a cup of excellent coffee (Mum – note, black coffee…. I have been drinking it like this since arriving and love it!) and Amy will gnaw on a teething rusk and cover herself in sticky crumbs. Sometimes she will nap and I will read or stare into space and just take some quiet time for myself. If I have been mostly good that week and made lunches for Ron and I haven’t eaten out I might order the poached eggs on thick cut wholewheat toast and savour every mouthful. And when I am feeling really decadent, a double choc chunk muffin is the perfect companion to the fragrant, rich coffee. Coffee is something that Australians do well, all the hole in the wall cafes have decent coffee machines and pride themselves on great blends and good beans. It must the Italian influence which is evident especially around this area, they make great coffee and they always have a smile for a baby!

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