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The Super Whites

Its been ages since I have updated! Its been a combination of things that have kept me from the computer, firstly the connection at Margaret and John’s is really slow and I don’t have the patience. Secondly Amy has been out of sorts the last two weeks and I finally put her on a course of antibiotics which has worked wonders. She is sleeping through again, no problem and has been going down for proper naps and actually staying there which is such a relief! I was beginning to think we had regressed somehow and it was getting seriously frustrating because I couldn’t get anything done in the 15 minutes that she would sleep. Last week I decided to keep really busy so as not to get too miserable if things weren’t going to plan and Amy has been such an angel!

As seen in the above picture she is even happy now to sit and play for ages in the playpen we borrowed from Myfanwy and Jason so I can have a shower or get on with tidying up, doing some ironing or just vegging out and reading a book!

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