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The Super Whites

Amy is a liability right now. In fact if I were an insurer, I wouldn’t cover us. She hates sitting down, why sit when you can crawl? This week she has started to lift her bum up whilst crawling (will try and get a photo of this….) kind of like a baby shaped downward facing dog for those yoga devotees. Unfortunately this means that her face points towards the floor and when she tries to move, face plant! I am suprised she hasn’t got black eyes and a bruised nose from the number of times she has hit the floor!
She insists on standing up and will grab onto anything and everything to pull herself upright. As a result we have c0vered all sharp corners within reach with soft foam and moved anything that can topple or be pulled over. Baby proofing is ongoing because everytime I think I have got it covered, Amy discovers a new skill, like opening drawers or sofa climbing!
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