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The Super Whites

Amy and I have made a few friends in the area through a local Mums group. It has been wonderful for me to spend time with other new mums whos babies are the same age or thereabouts as Amy. We have met for lunch a few times at a local cafe and last week one of the Mums, Sonya, hosted at her house which is just up the road. There were 8 of us and 8 babies all crawling and pulling themselves up and arguing over toys! It was mayhem and madness and lovely!

The group were thrilled to have us join because there is a serious shortage of girl babies in the group, as a result, Amy has become very popular! Here she is below playing with Owen (or actually more likely, stealing Owen’s toys!)

We left the babies in a muddle on the floor and every now and again someone would fish a baby out of the melee and wipe them off or cuddle them, or give them a feed! We sat around chatting and drinking sparkling wine, just the way a Wednesday afternoon should be spent!

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