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The Super Whites
Drinking wine and playing cards

We have been busy the last two weekends. Friday night last weekend we stayed with Myfanwy and Jason and their little girl Ella. Amy and I drove down in the afternoon and the girls played together for a couple of hours before we fed them and gave them a bath together. Ella is gorgeous, a sweet natured, very gentle little girl who only protested after Amy grabbed a liberal handful of Ella’s beautiful curls!

The men joined us after work and we drank bottles of wine, ate a delicious homemade bolognaise and stayed up till 2am playing Euchre! I hadn’t played cards for a few years and as the wine decreased so did my card playing skills! Amy had her best nights sleep ever, I put her down at 7am, she squeaked around 10pm but was asleep before we even got in to check her, and she woke the next morning at about 7ish, a welcome lie in for us after such a late night and so much wine!

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