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Amy’s Christening

On Sunday 4th February we had Amy christened at the Church that Ron’s family have been attending for two generations. Ron’s Mum and Dad met through St John’s and Amy’s namesake, Amy White, Ron’s paternal Grandmother was a long serving member of the congregation. The eternal light hanging over the alter was a donation by her in the 70’s.
The service was long, nearly two hours, and the priest, Father James is a stickler for traditions including bells and insense (symbolising our prayers rising to heaven!) so it was a long, hot and smokey service.

Amy was beautifully behaved however and didn’t even cry when Father James washed her head!
Afterwards we had a family portrait, from Left to Right, Gaye (sister-in-law) John and Margaret (Ron’s parents), US! Stuart (cousin, Ron’s Dad’s older brother Bob’s son), Joan (Ron’s Dad’s sister), Bob and Margaret (Bob’s wife) and cousin Christopher.
You can see that Amy is not wearing the christening gown anymore. The gown was made by my Grandmother Grace’s (Amy’s namesake) sister Ann Low before she died tragically in her 20’s. My Dad, his brother and both my sister and I were christened in this gown and I was so thrilled that Amy could wear it too. However it is definitly more suited to cooler weather christenings, we had to take off the petticoat because that was just too much and when Amy fell asleep in her pram towards the end of the service, I stripped it off her.
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