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The Super Whites

Amy met her Gogga, my Mum Bridget when she was just a few hours old. This wasn’t meant to happen as Amy was expected two weeks earlier, but actually worked out perfectly.
We all spent a wonderful six weeks together in South Africa where Amy grew and changed and was smothered in love from all sides but especially from her Gogga.

Mum says she is going to be the type of Grandmother who suprises her grandaughter with exciting adventures and exotic gifts. I remember my Mums mum, my Gogga as the type of Grandmother who walked me round her rose garden telling me about the fairies that lived there. She used to get up before my Poppa to make tea in the morning and when she brought him his tray, she would bring me a tray laid with the finest china, but instead of tea I got jelly powder! I remember how Gogga loved the sweetpeas in her garden and we used to pinch off the little hands together. The smell of sweetpeas always reminds me of her.
I think Amy is so lucky to have such special people in her life and I love knowing that she will develope a special relationship with my Mum!
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