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Australia Day
Last Friday was Australia Day. Ron, Amy and I went down to Clarkes Point with Ron’s Mum and Dad and a crowd of their friends for their annual Oz Day picnic. We had a distant view of the Harbour Bridge but sadly all the boats etc out for the parade were on the other side of the bridge so we didn’t see much except the fighter planes doing fly bys and about a hundred jet boats coming into our bay laden with thrill seekers. It was a gorgeous day but very windy and Amy wasn’t sure what to make of it all.

She did enjoy licking the top of Grandad’s beer however.

There has been much talk in the press this week about people desecrating the Australian Flag by flying it upside down and a well known tv personality is trying to pass a private bill through government to make abusing the flag illegal. Amy is prepared to do her time for trying to eat the flag. Its clear she is not sure where her loyalties lie at present!

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