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The Super Whites
Amy sleeps in a cupboard

Ron and I saw a lot of sunrises whilst staying in Cape Town! The flat we were in was gorgeous, on Clifton Beach No. 1 overlooking beaches 2, 3 and 4, but with lots of filmy white curtains and openplan living it meant Amy was waking at 4.30am and wanting to play. We took turns to get up at the crack whilst the other slept, pillow over head. The last night we were there Amy was very unsettled and refused to settle into her travel cot to sleep. In desperation Ron suggested we move her into the cupboard as its darker, cosier and also easier to put her down in. I find it so hard to lower her to ground level in a travel cot without waking her.

Although it felt kind of wrong, she slept the whole night like an angel and when she woke at day break, Ron found her looking at him from her viewpoint in the cupboard. As a friend once said “motherhood is the great leveller” and we have all done things we never would have imagined just to get by!

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