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The Super Whites
Ron’s last rugby match for Barnes RFC

Tannie Liv has been wonderful helping out the last few days. I am so glad we get to spend this time with her here in London and even better, we get to share our holiday in South Africa with her too. Yesterday Amy was a willing spectator at Ron’s last rugby game for the Barnes Vets. Liv “wore” her whilst I took the photos.

After the game we went down to the club for a few drinks and the guys made a presentation to Ron. He was awarded a traditional drink, the Ladyboy – a pint of Fosters (drunk out of a presentation pewter tankard) a gin and tonic and a baileys. The team all wore t-shirts commemorating Ron’s contribution to the club, the atire for the day had been “dress like an Aussie” so Russell and I managed to arrange for Russ to wear all Ron’s clothes which was hilarious. Ron couldn’t figure out how we had managed to arrange it but it was worth it just to see the look on his face when Russell pitched up!

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