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RIP Flying fridge

Last weekend Ron, Amy and I packed up the Flying Fridge and set off to Tewkesbury to visit Dave and Lucy for the weekend. We were feeling very self satisfied for getting up, packed and on our way on time until just outside Putney our journey came to a shocking halt. A lady in a large mercedes estate drove into the back of us whilst we sat at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green.

It wasn’t a massive bang more a small jolt, however I still got a huge fright and without thinking I leapt out of the car to open the back door and check on Amy. Not thinking about oncoming traffic, or my own safety, just Amy. And she was fine, smiling even, not hurt or suprised or bothered at all. And I was fine, the traffic hadn’t started moving yet and we were able to drive the car round the corner and get the lady’s insurance details and we even managed to hire a car and get our car towed and still get out of London a few hours later.

The thing is I shook like a leaf for ages after and kept leaning in to touch Amy’s face and pick her up and hold her close and I couldn’t help but think about the what ifs. This child is so precious to me that I can’t really imagine what it was like before she was around.

R.I.P The flying fridge.
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