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The Super Whites
Trying to make Amy laugh

Since Amy laughed for the first time last Thursday, Ron and I have spent hours making silly faces and cackling noises at her to no avail! So far it seems to be a one off occurence but I just can’t wait until she laughs again, it was the most wonderful sound I think I have ever heard. Ron, Amy and I have been busy the last few weeks and things are only getting more hectic as we try and cram everything into these last few weeks in London. Last weekend we visited Matt, Tricia and Liam on the way out of London to spend the night with Tim, Laura and Oliver. Amy was subjected to a number of indignities including wearing a mohican in the bath and having her tiny woolly hat jammed on her head!

We had a lovely evening with Tim and Laura, Amy slept like an angel in their travel cot. Sunday morning we all went for a long walk to the Marlow rugby club and then we headed back into London to have lunch with Will, Emma and Amelie at Nick and Sarah’s. Later in the evening Stjohn, Pia and baby Ella arrived to stay for a few days. Busy, yes somewhat!

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