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The Super Whites
Who are the Super Whites?

About the Super Whites. Firstly my name is Sarah, my husband is Ron and we have a daughter Amy Grace born on the 6th July 2006. She is named for Ron’s paternal Grandmother (Amy) and my paternal Grandmother (Grace). We are called the Super Whites by most of our friends, the origins of this nickname can be traced back through the annals of history to the Barne s Rugby Club situated in South West London. Ron played rugby at this club for most of the seven years he lived in London and by the time I met him in 2001/2002 he was already a well entrenched member with his own moniker Super Ronnie White. By default I became Super Sarah although I am also known as Mrs White *with hand gestures* but that is a completely different story!

Ron and I met through mutual friends in London where we were both living at the time although Ron is originally from Sydney, Australia and I am from South Africa. We fell in love, got engaged, got married and then decided to have a baby. That sounds a lot more simple than it actually was but things got signifigantly more complicated thereafter! Amy was born naturally after an epic 48 hour labour which sounds a lot worse than it was and soon after Ron and I decided to leave London and move to Sydney.
A year later we have bought a house and settled into life in Sydney. I love living here and am happy to stay at home looking after Amy and keeping house. I enjoy making jam, crocheting baby hats and taking photographs but I am actually a helluva lot more interesting than those three things make me out to be. Ron and I both love being parents and have admitted to each other that we are a lot happier now than we have ever been (not that we were actually unhappy before, but you get what I mean!)
I blog for my family and friends scattered all over the world and love being able to share photos and the little things in our lives so easily. I have zero knowledge about how it all works but am getting more adventurous every day hence the About Me page I am adding to my sidebar.
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