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Milestone – first night out away from Amy


Ron and I left Amy with my cousin Leigh last night so we could go to Carol’s 30th birthday party at her home in North London. It was the first time we had left her for a night and I spent the days leading up to the party alternating between excitement and dread! Its so hard to separate myself from Amy, both mentally and in the physical. For the last three months my life has been consumed by this little girl. I spend my hours feeding her, cuddling her, entertaining her and then when she goes to sleep in the evenings, Ron and I spend our time editing photos of her or talking about her! I didn’t know if I was going to be able to function without her, as extreme as that sounds!

The good news is that Amy was an angel for her cousin Leigh and even smiled during bathtime so there were no tears which is always nice. She fed and went off to sleep perfectly and when Leigh texted me to tell me this, I felt a massive weight lift off my shoulders. I was relieved that my baby was fine without me but also strangely sad because this is just the beginning of watching her develope into an independant little person. Someone once said that having children is learning to spend the rest of your life letting go of them.

So last night we drank wine, ate cheese, talked about things other than Amy and had a wonderful time with friends we haven’t seen in a while. We were home around 1am feeling slightly drunk (!?!) and I lay in bed for a while watching Amy sleep and feeling very lucky to be able to find this new balance in my life.

For the third night in a row Amy slept through until 6.30 so even though I feel slightly blurred around the edges today, its all been worth it! Amy and I are currently still in our pajamas!

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