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Amy – 2 months old

Originally sent as an email on 12th September 2006.

Amy is now two months old and rapidly developing her own personality and character! She is a happy baby, quick to smile and gurgle and very relaxed about being held by people she doesn’t know. She is sleeping well and gradually going for longer in the nights. We had a milestone this week when she slept through from her 10.30 feed until 6.30am! We are desperately hoping that she makes a habit of this!

We had to go out and buy a cot this week as she is getting too big for her moses basket. I feel quite sad that she’s growing so fast and will miss looking over into the little basket next to our bed. Now we have a big cot which makes her look tiny, but she seems quite happy to lie in it for naps and wake up to stare up at her mobile! I hope she transitions easily to sleeping in it at night.

Ron and I are well, both a lot more relaxed and comfortable with our new roles as parents. I am keeping very busy meeting friends for coffee, going to mums and babies yoga and starting a baby massage class next week with some friends from my antenatal class. I am even taking Amy swimming on Friday with a friend and her baby, I am not sure about the instructor dunking her but its best to start them out young!

Amy has now met her Grandfather (my Dad) and her aunt (my sister) and we even took her on a trip to meet her great grandfather (my mum’s Dad) which was very special! Its quite incredible to see 4 generations in one room!

We hope you are all well, please keep in touch!

Amy’s photos are updated on the website that we sent out when she was born. Let me know if you need a reminder of the link.

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