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Amy – 1 month old

Originally sent as an email on 11th August 2006.

Its hard to believe our little daughter is already a month old! Everyone told us how quickly these first few weeks would go, but I really had no idea. Amy has gone from being a tiny, crumpled baby to a little person who we are learning to understand. She has started smiling this week and it melts us into a puddle when her face opens into a grin. She is still a very contented baby who can spend ages lying peacefully on her play mat or kicking in her bouncy chair. She doesn’t cry very loudly and we’re still calling her Squeaker after her creaky cries when she was newborn. She loves being bathed but doesn’t like getting out of the water (bit like her Mum!) and she always quietens down when her Dad is around.

Ron and I are both well and settling into our new roles comfortably. Ron is back at work but thankfully enjoying the easy hours and relaxed schedule at the office so he’s always home for bathtime. I am coping with the night feeds and getting enough sleep to get by on so its not too hard to cope with the days on my own. I understand now why you always see Mums with prams in packs, its been brilliant getting out the house during the day and meeting up with the girls I met on our antenatal class and their babies. Even a trip to the supermarket takes on a different meaning with a baby and can easily take up hours of an afternoon!

I am still missing my Mum loads, she was with us for the first three weeks of Amy’s life and it was wonderful sharing those days with her and being so well looked after. My Dad is coming over for a visit at the end of this month and my baby sitter, I mean baby sister, is coming back to London at the beginning of September which is going to be fantastic. I can’t wait for them to meet Amy! Ron’s mum and dad are coming for two weeks at the end of September so we have lots to keep us busy in the coming weeks!

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